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Supertech Eco Village Noida Extension

I have booked 2 flats in SUPERTECH ECO-VILLAGE 1 NOIDA EXTENSION in november 2012, C4 1405 & C4 1408. After 2 months i didn't received any demand letter & agreement call for my booked flat C4 1405. On being asked i was given false assurance that the delay might be because your file entry has not been made. Further contacting the senior authorities, it came out with the fact that my booked flat has already been sold before in march 2012 to some other person. Now they are giving me the solution that we dont have the flat on your required floor, we can give the flat to you on 19th floor otherwise you can withdraw your whole booked amount. Also the company will not pay any extra amount or interest on your amount.

Waiting for your reply & necessary action

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