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If you are dissatisfied with the builder, then please submit your complaint here and we will convey it to the concerned person in the builder’s office.

Beware of Vakil

Townscape - Vakil Housing

Beware of Vakil,  they are not transparent, once you pay 25% of the value of the property you will be taken for royal ride. 

Pre booking stage:

1. Talk to you very nicely, they travel 15kms within 45 minutes to collect the cheque.

2. Sales rep says that he can arrange loans from all leading banks upto 80%

3. After mentioning ICICI is my preference, he immediately says "we are not tied up with ICICI". Axis banks HDFC are the ones who fund for this project.

Once 25% of the property value is paid

1. 25% is paid, I called HDFC representative and requested him to process the loan, after 15 days the rep comes back saying that for Vakil Hamlet we are not funding

2. Only one option left which is Axis bank. Contacted by a DSA, who clarifies and says that <U>"sir as per RBI guidelines we can provide only 70%"</U>

3. I sign the application forms so that there are no more delays thinking that I can ask Vakil to push the bank to fund 80% as promised initially

4. This time different sales rep responds and reconfirms that "as per RBI guidelines only 70% will be funded"

5. Decided NOT to buy the plot and informed the same to Vakil and DSA in mail.

6. No response!!! on 27-mar-2013 I get loan sanction letter from Axis for 70% of the property value and term is 10 years  (both not acceptable, even after providing the letter on retirement age loan term is 10 years)  Above all loan has to be availed within 31-mar-2013 else it is void......

7. Sale Agreement was not made even after 30 days of paying the 25% of the value.

POST Cancellation Refund process

I have got refund less Rs.60,000.00, Vakil is saying that they have paid service tax, they will refund only when someone books the plot VH-15.

Requested to share the receipt of paying service tax -- No Response...

Every month I am following up for status, no one answers the phone or responds to the mail...

My brother went ahead buy another plot in same project, paid around 18 lacs loan was approved now he has to withdraw as Vakil is not in position to register any sites in Hamlet at Gijani.




fraud commited by staff of Shri Group by altering booking form

Shri Radha Sky Gardens

We had booked one flat from shri Radha Sky Gardens ,greater noida west on 29/5/2013, the cheque was also encashed.We also received a letter to submit another 10 % instalment within 30 days of booking.

When we went to pay  the same & gave the cheque to your account’s dept. we accidently saw that the booking form  has been altered and filed in company records without any intimation to us.

We are completely unaware about this fact & were shocked to know that the PLC charges which were already waived off as per final price was altered fraudulently by your staff.

Inspite of many mails to there office bearers including its owner Mr. Ram Aggarwal -we are not getting any response. Please help us to get the fraud rectified & suitable compensation for mental torture & harassment.

Delay In Project

Kolkata West International City -

A property which was scheduled to be handed over by 2008 sees no future whatsoever with extremely slow progress in construction and series of false promises and extension dates given by the builders. the buyers have been left with no absolute confidence on th ebuilder with no guarantee of th equality of th eproduct if it gets delivered.


Supertech Eco Village Noida Extension

I have booked 2 flats in SUPERTECH ECO-VILLAGE 1 NOIDA EXTENSION in november 2012, C4 1405 & C4 1408. After 2 months i didn't received any demand letter & agreement call for my booked flat C4 1405. On being asked i was given false assurance that the delay might be because your file entry has not been made. Further contacting the senior authorities, it came out with the fact that my booked flat has already been sold before in march 2012 to some other person. Now they are giving me the solution that we dont have the flat on your required floor, we can give the flat to you on 19th floor otherwise you can withdraw your whole booked amount. Also the company will not pay any extra amount or interest on your amount.

Waiting for your reply & necessary action

Something Wrong In This Bulider

SKM Cambrian Forest, Gurgaon


I Have A Unit in SKM Cambrian forest sector-95 gurgaon. They told me about last 2 year that we are starting allotment in next month But no Allotment started by bulider and when we call a person in SKM Mr. Anirudh Malhotra He Says that it's not our responsibality they don't tell me about project and the staff of SKM Is not professional. They are layer/cheater/Fraud.

Any Body Tell Me That What I Can Do?

Latitude Infra Brokers Are Cheats, beware of doing business with them

Stellar Jeevan

Latitude Infra brokers are cheats and liars. They dont have any morals or ethics. They should not be dealt with. never ever believe a word they say. please do take caution and do not fall into their trap. Better is going to any other dealer and getting your flat booked. the builder itself should ban these people.

hiranandani builders are cheat of order 1

Hiranandani Upscale

They are cheats and have duped a number of people in their Dahisar project Springfield by taking money and uilding illegally and now the builder needs to be demolshed and the case is on for almost 18 years. Beware dealing with these rouges.

Hell of service from builder. Avoid buying Ramprastha Edge Tower

Ramprastha The Edge Tower


No improvement in service. I booked this flat keeping in mind brand "RAMPRASTHSA" , wish i could inquire about reality which is really pathetic. Never you guys think about customer satisfaction. All matter for you is just sell the apartment and let customer feel the pain.

Your money is safe , but customer who work hard to earn that money no thinking about that. 

I was told at time of booking that penalty will start from December , 2012 if we do not provide you the possession till that time. This was also mention in broucher but now you guy are saying penalty gonna start from April , 2013. 

This happen becoz this the is money that you gonna pay to buyers . But if this money is from buyer for you , then you start sending DEMAND letter and if not paid , charge interest right away.

I will never buy or recommend any of the unit / aparment in which brand name like "RAMPRASTHA" gonna be attached.


Ravish Jain

From: ravish jain <>
To: "" <> 
Cc: "" <>; "" <>; "" <> 
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2011 8:16 AM
Subject: Hell of the service from Ramprastha

I am feeling like cheated by Ramprastha. 
It seems that Ramprastha just want to sell their flat but no customer service they are providing.
I got this demand letter on 5-Aug-2011 on mail but i did not recieve it by courier . Also i did not get receipts of my last payment that i made in march or april, 2011.
I was talking to Mr. Sanchit for about 10 days but he was making me fool saying i will check and reply. I was calling him daily from last 10 days but no reply. He is just disregarding the customer. 
I am in USA , so i had given my power of attorney to Mr. Deepak. Mr. Deepak was also following him from last 10 days but Sanchit is making fool of him also.
Today after getting so much frustrated , i call at desk (0124-4333444) they transferred my call to Miss Suman. I really appreciate her for understanding my problem. She said that i am sending the demand letter and receipt physically. 
But overall I am really disappointed with Ramprastha . I will never recommend this builder to anyone in future because they are giving no customer service.
Ravish Jain

Complaint againstJNC's marketing executive Ms Priyanka

JNC The Park

Hi, I have strong grievances against your so called employee Ms Priyanka, who does not know how to talk to customer and does not listen to customer, Only she is giving false and irrelevant information. She is very poor in customer care, I am not sure how she will handle customer care and assist customer. This is the worst type of service that I have seen in my career. I have asked her about the process and information related to home loan regarding booking of my brother's flat in JNC the Park who is in USA. She was totally pathetic and short tampered and was SCREAMING loudly on me. Is it what service and assistance your executives are providing. I have a strong escalation against her, I want strong action to be taken against her. I know this mail go through her and she will try to manipulate the contents of mail or may be she will not forward to concern director or any seniors of her. When I asked her to provide me her supervisor's number or director's number then she bluntly told me that she does not have any supervisors on her and she has only got so many subordinates. Is she the owner of JNC, or JNC has given her right to talk like this and handle customers this way. This really gaves me a very poor impression of whole JNC group. If this is the trailer then what would be the whole picture. In case no action has been taken against her then I will definitely put it on internet review comments against JNC group. I bought it from Kartik realtors, Arvind Sharma asked me to get in touch with Priyanka to get further information regarding loan and other processing. Pls tell me who will give further info in case she does not provide information. She will be totally responsible for delay in loan and other information.

Comlaint against Gaur Sons

Gaur City Noida Extension

Hello All,

Myself Anjali and 2 years back I had booked 3BHK Flat with Gaur Sons Project GC 11. I had paid 10% payment at the time of booking and applied for the home loan through LIC Housing.

But, in the mean time the land dispute matter came into and Bnak put my file on hold so I was not able to pay my next installment.

Now when the matter is resolved and I came to notice that they had started isuing Demand Letter to the customers but I didn't receive any document and not even any call from them then I called them and inquire about my Demand Letter. They told me that your flat has been cancelled because of non-payment. Then I had a word with GM Roma Shukla( who is a very stupid lady to talk to, no manners how to talk with customers) and explained her about why I was not able to make the payment.She advised me to send her the mail.

After few days I got a call from Gaur City saying that your application has been approved and you can come and collect your demand letter from the office. Since, right now I am working in Bnagalore so I took the urgent flight from banaglore come to collect myd emand letter from Gaur Sons and they refused to give me the demand letter saying that we didn't call you. your flat has been cancelled and you can take your money back from us.

Now this is rediculous.No body over there is listening me sometimes they say your aplication approved and sometimes not and now they are forcing me to submit my orginal papers to them and cancel the flat.

I am here running behid them from the last 10 days (here from Banglaore) and even ready to pay interest to them. At one time they asked me to pay interest @18% as a penality. But now they want me to submit the original papaers of the property to them.

Now I had decided to launch a complaint against them in Cunsumer Forum.

Need suggestion from you guys how I can move further in this matter?

Also want to launch a complaint against GM Roma Shukla formentally, physically and financially haraasment.

Thanks & Regards,


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