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Hiranandani Upscale

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Old Mahabalipuram Road,Chennai

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Hiranandani Upscale is a 110 acres development comprising of mainly residential & partially commercial situated on old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai. Amenities such as club house, school with CBSE or ISC & IB curriculum & exquisite landscapes, open space spread over wide areas. Premium 2,3,4 & 5 BHK apartments available. 60% of the total area reserved for open spaces & public amenities. Use of eco-friendly techniques like rain water harvesting, waste water treatment & water recycling.

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  • hiranandani builders are cheat of order 1

    Hiranandani Upscale

    They are cheats and have duped a number of people in their Dahisar project Springfield by taking money and uilding illegally and now the builder needs to be demolshed and the case is on for almost 18 years. Beware dealing with these rouges.

  • Unethical practices

    Hiranandani Upscale

    I booked a apartment in 2007 the biggest mistake in hindsight. Progressive payments were made as Hirandani wanted. Project is yet to be complete and is now a full 2 years behind schedule. My apartment is still not complete with another 3 months work remaining. Hiranandani is asking for the final payment and registration before they will continue work. I am telling them to complete all work and on handover/registration we will make the final payment as there is no guarantee that they will complete work once I pay them all dues. There is lot of roumours in the market that they are having financial difficulties and given their past history in keeping up with timelines I do not want to release my last hold on them. It is impossible to get hold of anyone senior in their organisation. They leave some very junior people to face custome complaints and they keep saying same thing again and again like a parrot. Biggest financial mistake in my life. READERS NEVER TOUCH HIRANANDANI with a bargepole even. 

  • Refund of Booking amount by Hiranandani Developers and their LIES....

    Hiranandani Upscale


    In January when I was in India, I was looking to invest in property and got interested in Hiranandani development at Devanahalli. I booked an apartment.

    Before booking, I asked the marketing to provide with legal papers so that I can show it to my lawyers. Initially they agreed but after I had paid the booking amount of 3Lakhs, they went back from their promise. They gave me several reasons like changes had been made to older documents, the papers were being scrutinized by their lawyers, they need to get it from another office  etc, etc. Anyway I had to leave Bangalore and told  them until I received concrete information I would not deal with it further.

    After a month, when I was asked to pay the next installment, I brought this topic again and they still refused to share the papers with me and I canceled the deal. At that point Hiranandani Developers told me that my money would be returned when the apartment is sold to some one else. Even after repeated reminders for past 6 months I got same answer. (latest being last week!!!!)

    This week, I used a different name, corresponded with marketing and found that the apartment has been sold. It didn't come as a surprise because I suspected it anyway. Like I suspect that the land papers also may not be in order and hence they are hiding stuff from customers.

    I want to share with you this unethical practices and hope that Innocent people would not be cheated of their money.



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